Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Training can be delivered in your school or partnership by our in-house Literacy Coach and Trainer - Fiona Sullivan.

Fiona has 20 years of experience teaching in South Australia. She has held positions such as EALD and Literacy Intervention specialist teacher and has a passion for literacy believing all students have the right to access a rigorous, relevant and engaging curriculum.

Please complete our inquiry form below and return it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. noting our standard workshop size is set at 30. Any additional participants will incur extra charges, or you could consider splitting the training into multiple sessions to accommodate for the hands-on nature of these workshops.

Fees will apply for travel and accommodation outside of the metropolitan area, with the first 30 mins of travel each way free of charge (travel expenses are charged for further distances at $100 per hour)

Note: The training fees are reviewed annually

Click here for the Jolly Learning Training Inquiry Form

Jolly Phonics – What is it? (1 hour) $220 - Note there is no discount on this session (plus travel for Regional areas)

An introductory session for parents/ teachers detailing what Jolly Phonics is, how the program is taught, research results, the input expected of parents for success, and what we can expect the average student to know after 1 term, 1 year etc.

Session 1 Jolly Phonics – How to get Started (2 ½ hours)
Fee for Members - $437.50 / Non-Members - $550.00 (plus travel for Regional areas)

Practical look at how to introduce the 42 main sounds of English in a student’s 1st term at school (Stage 1 for older students).

  •  how to develop lesson plans, programs and assessment for the term
  • what commercial aids are available
  • how to make or download your own resources
  • how to get both continuity and variety into lessons, and
  • how to utilise computers or IWB to help. A free disk of resources will be provided.

Session 2 Jolly Phonics - So They Know the Sounds – What Next? (2 ½ hours) 
Fee for Members - $437.50 / Non-Members - $550.00 (plus travel for Regional areas)

Pre requisite - Jolly Phonics – How to get Started

A practical look at how to continue Jolly Phonics for the rest of the reception year (Stage 2 for older students). How to:-

  • develop reading and writing skills and the introduction of alternative spellings
  • manage progressive intakes of new students
  • design lessons for students at different stages of development
  • use computers or interactive whiteboards as an integral part of the program

Includes lesson plans, assessment, making your own aids and what is available for purchase or free

The Jolly Grammar Program now covers Years 1-6 - far too much to cover in one session. Lectures are now in two sessions. The first covers spelling content the second grammar. This approach is deliberate because of the systematic, sequential nature of Jolly Grammar. Teachers of older year levels cannot teach without knowledge of the content at lower levels and those working with younger students need to know where the program is going to see how what they teach fits the bigger picture.

Session 3 Jolly Grammar 1 Spelling Focus (2 ½ hours) Teachers SSOs parents Years 1-7
Fee for Members - $437.50 / Non-Members - $550.00 (plus travel for Regional areas)

Pre requisite: Jolly Phonics
Session 1 and 2 or an in depth knowledge of synthetic phonics

Is your spelling teaching limited by the list mentality instilled in you as a student? As the teaching of spelling moves towards systematic teaching of conventions and generalisations enabling students to apply knowledge to an ever increasing number of words, it should be an exercise in logic and problem solving where students take risks and have a go. Learning spellers should be active participants who are given opportunities to talk about what is happening and why. A very practical approach focussing on: what to teach, how to teach it, programming, assessment,
grouping, how to add variety and interaction and keep students engaged and on task.

Session 4 Jolly Grammar 2 Grammar Focus (2 ½ hours) Teachers SSOs parents Years 1-7
Fee for Members - $437.50 / Non-Members - $550.00 (plus travel for Regional areas)

Covering the grammar component of Jolly Grammar 1-6 Why teach grammar? Does your lack of personal knowledge of grammar limit your ability to teach the program? Are you looking for more creative ways to introduce the more complex aspects of Jolly Grammar? Do you struggle to find ways to put excitement and activity into what can be dry and boring aspects of
our language? Why is a knowledge of grammar essential to a good literacy program? Why good grammar teaching should be systematic and sequential. Take away practical activities you can apply in your classroom tomorrow.

Jolly Phonics Review and Refresher Session (1 ½ hours) 
Fee for Members - $262.50 / Non-Members - $330.00 (plus travel for Regional areas)

This session is customisable to address the needs of individual schools. It may include revisiting some of the basic principles of Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar, and can include discussion of best practice, classroom organisation, useful resources and how the can be used, as well as an open question time to answer specific issues in your own school context. Some schools also find it useful to have one on one reviews with individual teachers or small groups. The length and content of these sessions is fully negotiable.

Jolly Phonics Parent Training Sessions (2 hours)
Fee for Members - $350.00 / Non-Members - $440.00 (plus travel for Regional areas)

Designed especially for parents and caregivers, this session gives the basics of Jolly phonics and how parents can help at home. Including how to reinforce the introduction of letter sounds, how to develop blending and segmenting confidence from sounds to words to text, correct pencil grip and letter formation and simple games and websites to help at home.

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