Beat Dyslexia 5 Book and CD

Beat Dyslexia 5



The step-by-step multi-sensory literacy programme for all dyslexic students. Full of variety and using a wide range of imaginative approaches, each pack in the Beat Dyslexia series is structured so that all the goals are small and attainable. Students gain confidence through success as they develop a sound understanding of basic spelling and grammar. Based firmly on research and established methods in this field of teaching, Beat Dyslexia can be used by teachers or tutors with no specialist training in the teaching of dyslexic children.

Sounds covered;

Book 1: t, m, p, s, d, a, c, o, r, dr, cr, tr, and pr

Book 2: h, b, u, -nd, -nt, -mp, l, sl, pl, cl, bl, -ll, -ss, f, g, gr, gl, k, sk, ng, r blends, th, spr, str, scr, -ing

Book 3: -ck, v, w, j, y, sh, qu, wa, x, -ed, z, -ff and -ch.

Book4: ee, ar, or ,-y, i-e, a-e, -ay, cy, ci, ce, wh, er, oo, ge, gi, gy, -dge, o-e, ea, u-e, e-e, ai, ow, oa, igh

Book 5: ou, -ful, -ic, -ick, -tion, -le, -tch, ir, ur, oy, oi, ie, au, aw, ph, ew, ei, -ue, -ous, ch, -ti, -ci, -ssi, -xi, -ture.

Book 6: o, -ice, -ace, ea, -sion, ou, -age, -ough, ear, suffix -or, -que, -cian, final syllables -el, -al, -le, -us, suffix -ar, -ey.

Books 1 - 3 cover all letters of the alphabet and on completion of the third book, students will have mastered consonant digraphs, consonant blends and short vowels.

Books 4 and 5 are for slightly older students and introduce long vowels.

Each Beat Dyslexia pack contains photocopiable activities, reading and spelling cards and an audio CD

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