textHELP Read & Write 11.5 GOLD

textHELP Read & Write 11.5 GOLD
textHELP Read & Write 11.5 Gold


TextHELP Assistive Toolbar For Windows

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Unfortunately from October 2016, Text Help Read and Write have changed the way you buy their program.  The only way to buy it now is through an annual subscription which can be obtained from:


then scroll down and click on the “Free Trial / Buy Now” button, then click on the Platform you are using, and click on “Buy Now”.



Read&Write (Version 11.5) Gold is a fully comprehensive toolbar. It provides outstanding literacy support synonymous within Texthelp products in ANY Windows application. It is a simple to use toolbar that “floats” on top of any open Windows application and help you with reading, writing, studying and research on your PC.  Assistance can then be called upon easily as you work.

Read&Write Gold helps you in using day to day applications such as Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Adobe Reader. Support is now available on Chrome, Firefox and Google Docs.

Read&Write Gold Edition is based on feedback that program users have given Texthelp Ltd over the years since they first launched Read&Write in 1995. The feature set now included in Read&Write 11.5 Gold includes all of the features of Read&Write plus extra features. It allows students to work independently in an inclusive environment ensuring they “keep up” with their peers in the same classroom.

Increased independence leads to higher levels of motivation resulting in users who are empowered to carry on with study at home, school or even in the work place. Many students using the software find they are now realistically looking at a successful entry into TAFE or University with prospects of having the career to which they always aspired.

Reading Tools

Read&Write 11.5 Gold’s Reading features will help to speed up reading, assist with comprehension, improve vocabulary and accommodate visual problems associated with dyslexia.

Research shows that Read&Write Gold improves comprehension levels by 20% (Queens University Research ). By clicking on the Play button, you can listen to any text being read aloud whilst each word is highlighted. This is known as text-to-speech and it improves comprehension levels and word recognition. This is vital for those who struggle with reading or require support with reading. Read&Write Gold will read text from:

  • Microsoft Word Web Pages
  • PDF files Inaccessible Flash and Text embedded in graphics of video
  • Instant Messages Email
  • DAISY books Dragon Recognised text
  • All content on your screen, including file names and tool tips.


It is easier to understand a block of text by listening to it, particularly if you struggle with reading. Read&Write Gold reads text aloud to you from any document on your computer. Text can be read using a male or female voice. You can select your preferred voice and set the pitch, speed and volume to suit your individual needs. Read&Write Gold now comes with a selection of new Vocalizer Expressive voices and a number of International voices can be downloaded from the Read&Write Essentials webpage . Read&Write Gold reads text on:

  • Web pages
  • Emails
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • PDF documents

Screen Masking

If you have trouble focusing on the screen or need a visual tracking aid to support your reading, the Screen Masking feature will assist you.  It masks out the active or non-active parts of the screen, just like a coloured overlay.  Read&Write Gold has unique screen tinting options to suit all users including tinting the whole screen, mouse spotlighting, and underlining the point in the document where you are typing. Screen Masking provides unrivalled reading support.

Screenshot Reader

Sometimes text is difficult to read because it is part of an image or it is on a locked PDF document . Read&Write Gold has the ability to read this text no matter where it is. The Screenshot Reader will read the text aloud to you with word highlighting. You can then save or edit the text in Microsoft Word.

PDF Aloud

Read&Write 11.5 Gold has a built-in tool to assist you when reading PDF documents with each word highlighted as it is spoken.

System Requirements
The following are the minimum requirements needed to operate Read&Write 11.5 Gold

  • Pentium 4 1.8 GHz Processor (Recommended: Pentium 4 2.4GHz or greater)
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP SP3 (including 64-bit editions)
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 2 GB free disk space
  • Sound card and speakers
  • Microphone for speech input / dictation
  • Internet Connection for product download, certain features and activation
  • PDF Aloud requires Adobe Reader X or XI or Acrobat Version 9, X or XI

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