Reading & Spelling Made Simple

Reading & Spelling Made Simple


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Reading & Spelling Made Simple by Mary Andrew, (1997) Revised by Barbara Griffith, (2010)

The original red manual has now been split into four A5 full colour books. They all include full colour illustrations, fun activities to encourage learning, resources you can make yourself, spelling rules, index, glossary and extra teaching notes.

Teaching Guide

Learn the basic principles and how to teach every aspect of the Simplistikit Programme, with easy to follow instructions, diagrams and explanations.

Perfect for parents, tutors or teachers wanting to help their learners with reading, writing, and spelling in English - either as their first or second language.

Whether teaching children, teenagers, or adults, this programme can help get them back to basics, fill in the gaps, and most importantly, build their confidence.

Book One: Steps 1-4

A great resource for teaching writing and spelling right from the start! Plus a great resource for getting back to basics with learners who are struggling.

This book introduces letters and how to write them, basic words, simple letter blends, punctuation, syllables, and contractions.

Book Two: Steps 5-8

This book covers more complex patterns of language, with easy step-by-step instructions and lots of activities for learners who struggle within the normal classroom environment.

This book introduces long vowels, the silent e, root words, prefixes, suffixes and other endings, letters which change their sound, and vowel digraphs.

Book Three: Steps 9-12

A valuable guide for helping teach advanced language, especially spelling patterns, and is also very effective as an extension programme. It also includes variations to activities for small groups.

This book covers other letters which change their sounds, introducing the schwa sound, schwa sounds at the beginning of words, schwa sounds at the end of words, and different spellings for sounds.

A full kit with the Simplistikit sound cards and red lettercase is also available. Please use the drop down box to select your version.


This red vinyl and plastic case comes with removable cardboard A-Z letters. All the consonants are printed black, and the vowels are printed in red. Includes common letter blends of consonants and vowels. This covers all the major patterns of English. Great for kinesthetic learners, and lots of games throughout our books can be played with this. Includes instructions booklet.

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