Reading for Literacy 3 - reading age 7-9

Reading for Literacy 3 - reading age 7-9


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The Reading for Literacy series has been designed to develop key reading skills in children as they work independently through the interactive lessons and activities based on the English curriculum.

Each of the six titles in the series contains 135 activities arranged in 27 sequenced units that cover a comprehensive range of fiction and non-fiction text types and genres and progressively extends literacy skills.

- Gives children the edge in critical reading skills, no matter their stage of development

- Fully interactive to engage kids with the content

- Complete spoken instructions to clearly guide kids of all abilities

- Texts are fully narrated, amplifying their meaning and drawing clear associations between the words and their sounds

- Each title contains 135 activities arranged in 27 units of work. That’s over 15 hours of interactive learning!

- Printable worksheets for each unit that extend learning

- Ideal for independent learners, allowing them to work at their own pace

- The sequence of units is progressive, building one on the other

- The child is free to follow the sequenced order or jump in where they like

- Children can easily revise work or challenge themselves

- The progress of each user is recorded in their own profile

- User bookmarks allow children to quickly resume their work

- Provides printable progress reports for each user

- Printable certificates are awarded on completion of each title

- Provides feedback on subject areas completed and areas in which the pupil is experiencing difficulty

- Each title contains a fun game or puzzle

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