Honey Ant Readers 1-15

Honey Ant 1-15


The Honey Ant Readers are a unique and innovative series of learn-to-read books with complementary resources, developed for Australian Indigenous learners, with traditional Elders, to make literacy learning relevant, meaningful, engaging and fun.

The HARs, underpinned by empirical and theoretical research, include books in Aboriginal languagesm light Aboriginal English, and Standard Australian English. They actively support the maintenance of Indigenous languages and culture.

Research shows that learners whose first language is not English, make faster progress in reading, and read with deeper comprehension, when the material is familiar to them, even though the language may not be. (So much of the material currently available is heavily Anglo-centric, culturally inappropriate and has little relevance for students in remote communities where little, if any, Standard English is spoken.)

The first edition of the Honey Ant Readers includes features of light Aboriginal English (AE), in the first 10 books, with the text gradually and systemically moving  into colloquial Standard English (SAE)  across the 10 books. This is done by following the natural order in which speakers of other languages have been shown to acquire the grammatical structures of Standard English.

SPELD SA offers both sets of Honey Ant readers together at a discounted price.

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