What To Do When You Can't Do Fractions, Decimals and Percentage

What to do when you can't do fractions, decimals and percentages


Strategies for what to do when you can't do fractions, decimals and percentages by Dr Steve Chinn, (2009)

This book looks at the more complex skills of fractions, decimals and percentages and offers a range of ideas and strategies. Steve Chinn carefully explains how other key maths skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be used to calculate parts of a number and work out percentages. Steve shows through worked examples and clear ideas how you can learn these core skills.

What to do when you cant do fractions, decimals and percentages uses effective learning methods, often involving multi-sensory ideas. Students are encouraged to use speaking, listening, writing and seeing to build knowledge of these core mathematical skills.

The what to do when you cant... series of books build on what you do know, to teach you what you do not know, and you will always know more than you think. They are are written for parents, teachers or students to use and containg clear explanations of how to build key skills. With this knowledge and lots of repetition students with learning difficulties can work towards overcoming some of their difficulties with mathematics.

* In some explanations Dr Chinn uses UK Pences and Pounds which are equivalent to AU Dollar and cents: Both countries use the decimal system. For Australian users you will need to teach by substituting the pound for the dollar when applicable. 

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