Jolly Phonics Starter Kit with DVD (Extended)

Jolly Phonics Starter Kit


Everything a teacher needs to get started with Jolly Phonics.

The Jolly Phonics Starter Kit is designed specifically for classroom teachers who are teaching children in their first year of school. All the items are contained in a bright carrying case for neat and easy storage. 70cm x 50cm.

This new version of the kit now contains the Jolly Phonics DVD!


  • The Phonics Handbook
  • Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds Strips
  • Jolly Phonics DVD
  • Jolly Phonics Wall Frieze
  • Jolly Phonics Tricky Word Wall Flowers
  • Jolly Phonics Alternative Spelling & Alphabet Posters
  • Finger Phonics Big Books 1–7
  • Jolly Phonics Cards
  • Jolly Phonics Word Book
  • Jolly Songs (Book & CD)
  • Jolly Phonics Readers Level 1, complete set (18 books)
  • Jolly Phonics Readers Level 2, complete set (18 books)

Ideal for Preschool, Lower Primary

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