Dandelion Readers Pack 8 Level 3, 1-14 - SET 8

Dandelion Readers Pack 8 Level 3, 1-14 - SET 8


Dandelion Readers follow a rigourous phonic progression based on the Sounds-Write programme. Level 3 books 1-14

These books are for use by Reception and Year 1 children, either progressing from Dandelion Readers Units 1 to 20 or as an additional resource in conjunction with any other phonic reading programme.


Levels 1, 2 and 3 introduce the learners to the different spellings of a particular vowel sound.

Level 3 series comprises 14 books, each with four or five spellings for a sound from the Extended Phonic Code.

This level is suitable for any programme that introduces more than one alternative spelling for a sound. It can be used for Year 1 pupils expanding their knowledge of the Extended Phonic Code or as a reading intervention resource for older pupils.

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