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TextHELP Assistive Toolbar For Macs

Unfortunately from October 2016, Text Help Read and Write have changed the way you buy their program.  The only way to buy it now is through an annual subscription which can be obtained from:


then scroll down and click on the “Free Trial / Buy Now” button, then click on the Platform you are using, and click on “Buy Now”.



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Read&Write Gold for Mac is an easy-to-use toolbar containing support tools to make reading, writing and research easier for you when using a Mac computer. Used in conjunction with the majority of mainstream Mac applications Read&Write 6 Gold for Mac allows users to develop their literacy skills and enjoy greater independence.

Helping All Readers and Writers Succeed

This is achieved through the use of innovative reading support features, all easily accessed from a floating toolbar, such as: Speech Feedback, Phonetic Spell Checking, Homophone Support, Word Prediction, Talking Dictionary, PDF Aloud – the accessibility solution for PDF documents, and One-touch Scanning.

Read&Write Gold for Mac’s customisable easy-to-use toolbar integrates reading, writing, studying, and research support tools with familiar file types and applications (i.e. Word, Safari, PDFs, Google Docs). Read&Write Gold users can also access Web Apps to use familiar features in browsers on iPads, iPhones, PCs, and Macs when reading the web, Bookshare eBooks, and more.

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporates and individual users are choosing this powerful product to help every user succeed. They are implementing Read&Write Gold for Mac throughout their organisation to provide access for all.

Can your students benefit from using Read&Write software?

Read&Write software provides literacy support for those with:

  • Dyslexia
  • Reading difficulties
  • Writing difficulties
  • Problems with spelling

Read&Write software:

  • Improves reading fluency and comprehension
  • Facilitates research, writing, studying, and test taking
  • Integrates with mainstream applications on the Mac
  • Encourages independence and inclusion
  • Prepares students for success in higher education, college and work places

Read&Write Gold ToolMatcher

Not sure which Read&Write Gold features are right for you or your students? The FREE Online Toolmatcher This is an external link matches an individual’s support needs to the appropriate features on the Read&Write Gold toolbar.

Using the Toolbar

Read&Write Gold for Mac’s discrete, customisable toolbar floats on top of or can be docked above common file types and applications that are used every day, including Microsoft Word, PDFs, Safari, Chrome, Firefox,  and Google Docs. Access the supports you need when you need them.

From the Read&Write Gold for Mac toolbar you can choose which features you would like to see on the toolbar as well as where you would like the toolbar to appear on the screen.

The Read&Write 6 Gold for Mac toolbar has been completely redesigned and is fully customisable to suit individual needs. Required icons can be easily dragged on and off the toolbar and the toolbar can now be docked at the top of the screen.

Within preferences, you can determine the specific features you want on the toolbar, from just a few features to the full suite of tools. You can also set personalised settings, such as reading voice, pitch, and dual colour highlighting choices. Additionally, video tours and help are just a click away through the help menu on the toolbar.

Hearing text read aloud along with dual colour highlighting as they are spoken helps with comprehension and word recognition. Read&Write Gold for Mac works with the following:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs
  • Web Pages
  • PDF files
  • Inaccessible Flash and Text embedded in graphics or video
  • Instant Messages
  • email
  • DAISY books
  • All content on your screen, including file names and tool tips


It is easier to understand a block of text by listening to it, particularly if you struggle with reading. Read&Write Gold for Mac reads text aloud to you from any document on your computer. Text can be read using a male or female voice. You can select your preferred voice and set the pitch, speed and volume to suit your individual needs. Individual words are highlighted in one colour as they are spoken while the sentence is highlighted in another colour – this dual colour highlighting helps you to track where you are on the page, and it is proven to raise comprehension levels by 20% http://www.texthelp.com/media/10925/ATforSecondaryStudents.PDF

Screenshot Reader

Sometimes text cannot be read aloud as it is part of an image contained within inaccessible Flash, or it is in a ‘locked’ PDF document. Read&Write Gold for Mac has the ability to read this text online, no matter where it is. Screenshot Reader can even read aloud text on online application forms and assessments. With Screenshot Reader, you can select any part of the screen to be read aloud with dual colour highlighting. You can even reread the last selection without having to reselect it and export the selected text directly into a Word document. Screenshot Reader truly differentiates Read&Write Gold from the rest.

Screen Masking

If you have trouble focusing on the screen or need a visual tracking aid, the Screen Masking feature will assist you.  It masks out the active or non-active parts of the screen, just like a coloured overlay.  Read&Write Gold for Mac has unique screen tinting options to suit all users including tinting the whole screen, mouse spotlighting, and underlining the point in the document where you are typing.

PDF Aloud

The PDF Aloud tool will read aloud content on a PDF document with each word highlighted as it is spoken. You can choose your reading voice, voice speed and have content read back by word, sentence or paragraph. Other tools including Study Skills highlighters, Dictionary, Picture Dictionary and Vocabulary List Builder can now be used directly with PDFs through the Read&Write Gold toolbar.


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