The SPELD SA Literacy Clinic provides students struggling to develop appropriate reading (decoding) and spelling (encoding) skills with effective, high-quality support using the Sounds~Write program. The Clinic is suitable as a Tier 3 intervention for students requiring targeted 1:1 support. Clinic sessions are attended individually and student progress is reviewed after 6 months of intervention. The clinic is attended weekly and is closed during school holidays.

When and where is the clinic run?

Literacy Clinic sessions are delivered face to face at the SPELD SA office, 298 Portrush Road Kensington, Monday to Friday as arranged with your Clinic Practitioner. Sessions are also available to be delivered online for some students following consultation with your Clinic Practitioner.

Who will benefit from the SPELD SA Literacy Clinic?

Students that:

  • are falling behind in their literacy development;
  • struggle to read accurately and fluently;
  • make frequent spelling errors, particularly in written expression;
  • display a reluctance to participate in literacy-based activities;
  • compensate when reading, by guessing from: pictures; initial letters; or, the ‘look’ of a word;
  • have difficulty remembering the relationships between sounds and letters;
  • have poor self-esteem, particularly in relation to literacy activities
  • have a diagnosed learning difficulty, such as dyslexia.

What is Sounds~Write?

Sounds~Write is an evidence-based phonics program utilising a highly successful approach to the teaching of reading, spelling and writing. This program offers an instructional method that is structured, cumulative, sequential and explicit which is highly recommended for teaching all children to read and spell. It places emphasis on giving practice that is grounded in physical, concrete experience of the ideas and conceptual understanding the students need to assimilate. Sounds~Write is developmentally appropriate for beginning readers in Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2, and also offers fast and highly effective intervention for children at all levels that have fallen behind in their reading and spelling. For parents who would like to know more about the Sounds~Write program visit

Pre-assessment (45 minutes) $145 (includes membership for 1 year)

Prior to attending the clinic, students will have a one-off screening assessment to determine placement within the program.

Pre-assessment includes:

  • Diagnostic screening of phonemic awareness, blending, segmentation, nonsense word reading skills;
  • Initial parent interview and feedback;
  • An introduction to phonic readers. What they are and why we use them over levelled readers. Phonic readers will become an important part of the homework set for students attending the clinic.

Reporting and Feedback

A Review Assessment will be conducted after 6 months of intervention. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress on a regular basis at the end of each session.

The student’s suitability for the clinic will be monitored and the student may be referred on to a SPELD SA tutor to continue with support, once foundation skills are mastered.

Session Cost

Sounds~Write session: $85 per 45-minute lesson

Enrolment Process

Download form here

Enrolment to the clinic includes an initial pre-assessment. Please call our office to arrange a pre-assessment appointment or download and complete the form and we will be in touch with you. Your child will then attend the clinic weekly.

Cancellation Policy

The Sounds~Write program requires a regular commitment and places are limited. SPELD SA will allow up to two cancellations each term for genuine reasons such as illness, or if advance notice of 24 hours is provided. If multiple unexplained cancellations occur, a cancellation fee may be charged and the place may be offered to another family if there is a waiting list for that time.


Homework is designed to consolidate the skills taught during the Sounds~Write session. This usually involves 5-10 minutes’ practice up to 5 times per week. Students who complete homework will have increased progression within the program. Some students may benefit from using a SPELD SA face-to-face tutor at the completion of their attendance at the Sounds~Write clinic to focus on other areas of difficulty within the curriculum.


Below you will see a snapshot of feedback from our Literacy Clinic clients:

“Clear and strong progress has been seen by us and his school and we could not be more thrilled by the approach.”

“Our daughter has felt confident and empowered from her interactions with the Sounds~Write program.”

“SPELD SA provided a lot of information which we found very useful. Thoroughly recommend the Literacy Clinic.”

“I hope schools and teachers jump on board with this… it is brilliant to see a child’s mindset change and feel they can do it.”

“We love that the readers are based on what she is learning so she is able to read them.”

Resources that will help support learning through the program

Wordshark 5 
Nessy apps 
Dandelion Readers. Available for members through our library.
Dandelion Catch-Up Readers. Available for members through our library.
Phonic Readers in your local library
Magnetic Letters and whiteboards. Example Letter Sound Tile Boards,  Spelling CaseDSF Phonic Activity Pack
Decodable card games. Examples - Trugs, Talisman, Milo’s Read and Grab


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