Over many years SPELD SA tutors have played a vital role in assisting children and adults with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. A good teacher, using specialised teaching methods, can make a significant impact on a student’s success and self-confidence.

SPELD SA maintains a database of registered teachers that provide tutoring services: face-to-face or online. Tutoring focusses on core skills of literacy and numeracy. Our tutors have completed training in specific learning difficulties through SPELD SA, but may also have additional qualifications.

Tutor sessions should be followed up at home with 5 to 15 min practice sessions (based on age and concentration span), five days a week, so that the student has time to practise and consolidate the skills that have been taught. Tutors will set work to be practised during the week. For other ideas for daily practice sessions, click on this link. http://www.speld-sa.org.au/links/six-minute-sessions.html



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