Over the years SPELD SA registered tutors have played a vital role in assisting children and adults with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. A good teacher, using specialised teaching methods, can make a significant impact on a student’s success and self-confidence.

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Tutors on the SPELD SA register have current SA teacher registration with a minimum of two years’ classroom experience, or are an allied health professional or SSO with at least two years’ experience supporting children with literacy and/or numeracy acquisition. In addition, they have received specialist training through SPELD SA in the teaching of children and adults with specific learning difficulties.

Application for a Tutor

If you would like SPELD SA to arrange a tutor  please complete and return the Tutor Allocation Forms to the SPELD SA office email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Tutor Manager will review and match the student with a suitable Tutor. Once tutoring has commenced, a member of the SPELD SA admin team will be in touch to arrange payment.  The process may take up to 2 weeks from receipt of your form.

If you have any concerns, once tutoring has commenced, please do not hesitate to discuss these, in the first instance, with your tutor and then with SPELD SA.

Send forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via post to SPELD SA, 298 Portrush Road, Kensington SA 5068


Tutors can teach you or your child in your own home or their home, whichever is more convenient. In some cases your child’s school may agree to tutoring taking place there. A specific day and time is agreed upon by you and the tutor to suit you both.


This is a private contractual agreement between you and the tutor. Fees are payable to the tutor on the day of tutoring or payment may be made in advance if this is more convenient. The method of payment is negotiated with the tutor.


Most tutors set homework designed to consolidate the work done during the tutorial session. This usually involves 10 to 15 minutes practice, for example, in reading, phonics or spelling 5 times a week. Tutoring does mean an extra workload on top of the student’s normal school homework and negotiation may be needed with your child’s school to ensure that they are not overloaded.


To maximise the benefits of tuition, it is important for parents to be fully involved and supportive. There is no magic wand or "quick fix", however your tutor will be fully committed to helping the student to overcome their identified learning difficulties. Any information that can be provided to the tutor upon commencement will help the tutor plan a suitable program. Background information, including psychological assessments, speech pathologist/audiology reports, work samples, school reports, tests and observations will assist the tutor in building a picture of the student's abilities and needs.

Reporting and Feedback

Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress on a regular basis, either after the lesson, if time and circumstances permit, or by telephone. Tutors provide a written report twice yearly, a copy of which is given to SPELD SA by the tutor.


Tutor allocation fee: $110 ($35 for current members). A one-time allocation fee paid to SPELD SA, which includes membership to SPELD SA for one year. To view membership entitlements, click here.

Tutor session fee: $75 (from Jan 1, 2020) per 1 hour lesson, paid directly to the tutor.


Tutor Allocation Form for Children

Tutor Allocation Form for Adults

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