Clever Schools and Clever Homes create clever kids—best practice for supporting all students particularly those with learning difficulties.

Our tips include strategies for teachers and parents. They are not mutually exclusive.

If you are already using these good teaching practices at home, tutoring or in a classroom, give yourself a SPELD SA tick. We will provide simple checklists you can use for this shortly.

Clever Byte #1 Glossaries for developing word knowledge
Clever Byte #2 Turn on Speak Selection on your iPads, iPods and iPhones
Clever Byte #2.1 Turn on Select to Speak on your Android device
Clever Byte #3 Create a Strategies Folder
Clever Byte #4 Install Free Natural Reader on your computer
Clever Byte #5
Clever Byte #6 Attentional Problems - Byte 2: Managing distractibility: strategies to help students focus on the task at hand
Clever Byte #7 Attentional Problems - Byte 3: Managing recess and lunchtimes
Clever Byte #8 Attentional Problems - Byte 4: Managing Inflexibility at school
Clever Byte: Teacher's Journal of Professional Knowledge for Bytes 5—8
Clever Byte #9 Keyboard skills and familiarisation
Clever Byte #10 PowerPoint for struggling writers
Clever Byte #11 PowerPoint for oral presentations
Clever Byte #12 Things to know about syllables
Clever Byte #13 Office Lens with Immersive Reader

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