Grummy Instructions


Grummy is a game based on the word sort process. Use master boards and lists of words provided for Word Sorts

How to Play Grummy

  • 2-4 players
  • Deal word cards – 5 word cards each and place remaining cards in a stack so all players can reach it.
  • To start: Players pick a card from the stack. The player, whose word begins with the lowest letter of the alphabet, starts. These cards are returned to the bottom of the stack.
  • To play: Players take turns to place one of their cards in the correct column on the master board. If a player cannot ‘go down’, they discard one of their cards and then pick another from the stack. However, even if the card is good, a player may not play it, this turn.
  • The winner: The first player without any cards.

A selection of Word Sorts or make your own

a, e and u in CVC words

k & ck

adding ing

real or rubbish

ee or ea

ou as in mouth

soft c or hard c

ai, a-e and ay

plurals s & es




soft g or hard g






suffix ed sounds like t, d or id



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