SPELD SA is indebted to the teachers and staff of Blaxcell Street Public School for allowing us to publish this chart, it took a huge amount of work and we admire the staff for producing such and excellent document.

Subject-based words

At each year level, there are lists of subject-based words and space for teachers to record the vocabulary they will teach for specific units of inquiry.

Shades of meaning

Also included in each year level are groups of words with subtle difference in meaning, entitled "shades of meaning". For this activity, students are asked to sort a group of words eg, "eat, gobble, nibble, peck, devour" into a continuum from least to most. This activity can be carried out in groups where students discuss the order of the word cards until they reach agreement and then compare their order with that of other groups.

Click here for the Blaxcell Street Public School Kindergarten/Reception-Year 6 vocabulary scope and sequence chart

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