SPELD SA Phonic Books set 14

 Phonic books from Set 14 include less common spellings for the vowel sounds; silent letters and word endings.

Revisited sounds from sets 1 - 13

s, a, t, p, i, n / c, k, ck, e, h, r, m, d / g, o, u, l, f, b / ai, j, oa, ie, ee, or / z, w, ng, v, oo, oo / y, x, ch, sh, th, th / qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar / y /ee/; a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e (y /ee/ means the letter y pronounced ee at the end of a word eg party)/ ay, ey, oy, y/ie sound, y/i sound, ea, igh, ie, oe,ow/oa, ow/ou, ir, ur, ew, au, aw, alph, soft c, soft g, silent b, silent w, silent k, air/are/ear(fair/care/pear)/ wh, ea, wa, wor, war, ou/ ch/k, silent h, silent n, ti/ci(/sh/), si(/sh/, /zh/), ei/eigh/aigh(/ai/)

Sounds introduced in set 14

o/u/, ture, oor,ore,oar(door, more, roar), tch(match), dge(bridge)

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Set 1-15 Sequence of sounds

Mrs Wilson's Accident (online flash version)

Mrs Wilson's Accident (PDF printable reader)

Mrs Wilson's Accident (PDF for iPad and Tablet)

words (236)

Updated 20/09/14

Nil (worksheets)

Mrs Wilson's Accident (text format for older students)

Christchurch Earthquake (online flash version)

Christchurch Earthquake (PDF printable reader)

Christchurch Earthquake (PDF for iPad and Tablet)

words (561)

Updated 20/09/14

Nil (worksheets)

Christchurch Earthquake (text format for older students)

Tsunami Hits Sumatran Coast (online flash version)

 Tsunami Hits Sumatran Coast Cover

Tsunami Hits Sumatran Coast (PDF printable reader)

Tsunami Hits Sumatran Coast (PDF for iPad and Tablet)

words (509)


Nil (worksheets)

Tsunami Hits Sumatran Coast

(text format for older students)

A Mongolian Yurt (online flash version)

A Mongolian Yurt Cover

A Mongolian Yurt (PDF printable reader)

A Mongolian Yurt (PDF for iPad and Tablet)

words (469)


Nil (worksheets)

A Mongolian Yurt (text format for older students)

The Vietnam War (online flash version)

The Vietnam War Cover

The Vietnam War (PDF printable reader)

The Vietnam War (PDF for iPad and Tablet)

words (441)


Nil (worksheets)

The Vietnam War (text format for older students)

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